Trash (Demos)

by The Artysts

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released April 17, 2016

Chris Flowers - Drums
Stone Von Dayne - Guitar
Sean Horvath - Bass, Vocals

Recorded at blasthouse studios in Madison Wi



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The Artysts Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: The Road
Just take a deep breath, try and relax now
Look up above at the open sky
Keep your eyes in the distance, you know that i love you
All the same as the road that were driving down

Hey look at me, try and keep your eyes
From falling asleep, don't go to the other side
Everyone loves you when no one knows you
Just thank god for the ride and the open road
Track Name: Asthma
Sweaty hands under the light
Strapped down to the table, splinters under my skin
A voice crackles from the overhead, hey now

Tv static runs down my limbs
Just focus on the positive, just don't choke
On your own inconsistency

Love the suit buddy
Heres my card, call me up for a good time you know
Were all friends here in the end

Please cant you see
I need to breath, I don't want to choke
On this, oh this life
Track Name: The Sea
There lived a man born of the sea
In its embrace he yearned to be
He had no time for women of the night
Ocean spray in his face, blue in his sight

But late one night his ship sprung a leak
Fearing the worst warmth he did seek
But that of a woman could not be found
cold and alone, with no friends and no home, he went down
Track Name: Horsepower
Well god said to go ride on your high horse now
But he don't know jack shit about me yea
Why should he when theres so many other horses out there
Well I'm just fine with my boots here in the dirt

Well you don't know how it ever got this bad
In the end times screaming, holy lord we will find
Another god who is alright with our horsepower hearts
Light it up with a flair, we aint innocent

Horsepower, horsepower in my heart
Make me feel so good, like I knew it would
Horsepower, horsepower in my soul
Make me feel alright, well be alright in the end
Track Name: Collective Mind
What it takes to be a modern man I see
Every thing is everything, too bad I can't feel a thing

All I know is all that you've told about yourself
Too bad our collective mind has no self conscience